Silk-screen printing is simply the best way to produce high quality, long-lasting stickers. Custom made designs are available in different size and colour combinations. They can be used as a part of decoration or instruction and applied onto bicycle frames, helmets, skateboards, windows, doors, vehicles or any  other unwaxed surfaces. Applying special inks Laurema graphics stickers are also available in fluorescent, phosphorescent or reflective effects to create various solutions to the custom design. With either matte or glossy finish stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Screen printed stickers can be printed on a wide range of materials such as PVC, polyester, polypropylene and polycarbonate. Broad selection of self-adhesive films allows us to produce stickers, suitable for different types of surfaces and the application conditions could vary from ambient to up to 180°C. Temperature resistant products could be used under clear coating.

• Vinyl, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate
• Different thicknesses
• Reflective
• Fluorescent
• Temperature resistant
• Different effects: brushed, glitter, metallic, mirror
• Two sided
• Under clear coat