Have a rough idea “in your head”?
No problem!

Wherever you are in the design process, we’re here to help. Let our experienced designers and technologists team make your dreams a reality.
We are constantly developing new ideas in our laboratory to meet customers’ needs and create new products together. Laurema ink laboratory can replicate exact color using Pantone or YS palette Matching System (PMS). Variety of effects is endless, R&D department is always in a new development stage.

To offer our customers the best possible service, we try to find out every aspect of the product or service they need and discuss it’s features and uses, explain the advantages and disadvantages. When customers see themselves as being unique, they feel special. More than a product, they will be gaining an experience that goes beyond a business relationship. 

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is an essential matter for us at every step of the journey.

materials for printing
Custom design
Modifying existing and
creating new products to meet customer demands
Performing adhesion and
hardness tests according
to ISO standards
Suggesting cost-effective
technical layout
Providing after-sale