Conserve the nature!

As a company, we care about sustainability. In every working process Laurema graphics team is making a conscious effort to ensure that environment and ecology is a priority. We follow recycling policies, use green energy, and organize clean-up campaign activities.

Guided by sustainability policy and philosophy our mindset is constant reimagining of production and final product, re-evaluating the way we do business and reconsidering how we can support our clients and their final customers.

  • We use electricity produced by renewable sources. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), green energy provides the highest environmental benefit.
  • We use water consumption regulation system.
  • We require our partners to follow Euro 5 standards assuring that CO2 emissions are low as possible.
  • We reuse industrial waste creating new products and packaging.
  • We use cartoon packages made of recyclable materials.
  • We have installed production waste sorting and recycling system.
  • Where possible we reuse inks and make sure that our inks are made following European standards.
  • We use OEKO – TEX and REACH certified materials.

A sustainable strategy helps us to respond to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.