Waterslide decal is a sticker, intended for decorating objects in an indirect printing method. While using water and special paper,  the image is transferred onto a desired surface: natural or painted metal (bicycle frames, rims, helmets etc.), carbon parts (ski sticks, Nordic Walking Sticks, paddles etc.).

Our decoration solutions:

  • Water slide decals above clear coat;
  • Water slide decals under clear coat;
  • Low temperature decals for carbon;
  • Dimensional 3D decals;
  • Painting mask.

Decals work with these surfaces:

  • Plain or painted metals;
  • Anodized or painted aluminum;
  • Sandblasted aluminum;
  • Carbon;
  • Painted or varnished wood;
  • Glass;
  • Various plastic.

Waterslide decals

Laurema graphics waterslide decals are much thinner than self-adhesive stickers. Using water, the image can be transferred onto a desired surface: non-treated or coated metal and carbon parts, painted or varnished wood and etc.

Decals can be used as a perfect branding method or a great way for a product decor. A brand logo or other important message can be designed in a customized decal and applied on a flat or a highly curved surface. Waterslide decal method is mostly suitable for bicycle or motorbike frames, rims, ski sticks and helmets. Printed labels can be highly visible to drivers and passengers and can deliver safety notices and warning signs to the others. Laurema graphics decals are easy to handle and allow simple and exact positioning of the design.

High temperature waterslide decals – highly durable, scratch and chemical resistant decals that can be used on temperature treated surfaces at temperature 150- 200°C, above or under clear coat;

Low temperature waterslide decals – suitable for all types of surfaces including those that cannot withstand high temperature (up to 90°C). Can be used above or under clear coat;

PSA decals – Pressure sensitive adhesive decals.

High temperature PSA decals – can be used on temperature treated surfaces at temperature 150- 180°C, used under clear coat only. Easy to apply, suitable only for smaller designs. Requires single oven.

Low temperature PSA decals – used above clear coat. Do not require any heat treatment and are applied at ambient temperature. Easy to apply, suitable only for smaller designs.   


Painting mask

Painting mask – used mainly in painting, to mask off the areas that should not be painted. This product is resistant to high temperatures (up to 180°C).

Decals can be applied on