Decals, labels and stickers

Waterslide decal is a sticker, intended for decorating objects in an indirect printing method. While using water and special paper,  the image is transferred onto a desired surface: natural or painted metal (bicycle frames, rims, helmets etc.), carbon parts (ski sticks, Nordic Walking Sticks, paddles etc.).

We also produce labels/stickers and decals for automotive industry.

Printed labels can be highly visible directly to drivers and passengers, the purpose of which is to deliver important information, safety notices and warnings. Labels can be also used as a part of decoration or advertisement – you can personalize your vehicle by adding a sticker on the bumper or window, etc.

Our decoration solutions:

  • Water slide decals above clear coat;

  • Water slide decals under clear coat;

  • Low temperature decals for carbon;

  • Dimensional 3D decals;

  • Heat resistant non-film transfer;

  • Vinyl stickers;

  • Painting mask.

Decals work with these surfaces:

  • Plain or painted metals;

  • Anodized or painted aluminum;

  • Sandblasted aluminum;

  • Carbon;

  • Painted or varnished wood;

  • Glass;

  • Various plastic.

Automotive Label types we offer:

  • Serial numbering

  • Labeling of batteries

  • Glasses and wind shield labeling

  • Air bag and seat labels

  • Under bonnet stickers

  • Custom automotive labels

Decals can be applied on Metal Carbon Plastic Glass Wood Ceramic

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